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Delicious Fresh & hand-made Mediterranean food at a beautiful ambiance

Mal Al Sham

Our Delicious story

Mal Al Sham Mediterranean restaurant is known for its modern interpretation of classic dishes and its insistence on only using high quality fresh ingredients. We serve tasty Mediterranean dishes prepared using only fresh meats, vegetables and herbs.
We offer dine-in, carryout, and catering options.

Enjoy a marinated grilled steak shawarma or our slowly braised lamb served with basmati rice, grilled vegetable skewer, salad and our homemade flat bread!

Mal Al Sham

fresh from the grill

All our meats are Halal

Mal Al Sham Featured Menu Items

We Serve Qouzi Every Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Holidays $19.99

Falafel Dish Dine in

$ 10.99

12 balls of falafel served with tahina, tomatoes 

Mal Al sham Beef Kabob

$ 13.99

Served with rice, salad, pita bread

Mal Al Sham Tabbouleh

$ 7.99

Parsley, bulgur, lemon, mint & olive oil

Mal Al Sham

fresh from the grill

All our meats are Halal

Kibbeh Makliyah

$ 12.99

Fried Kibbeh stuffed with spicy ground beef & wallnuts (5 pcs)
Chicken Shawerma

$ 14.99

Served with garlic sauce, pickles, fries 

Kibbeh Mashweeyeh

$ 14.99

Grilled Kibbeh
(3 pcs)

Mal Al Sham

fresh from the grill

All our meats are Halal

Chicken Tikka

$ 17.99

Marinated chicken breast breaded & fried to perfection

Mal Al Sham Lamb Tikka

$ 19.99

Two grilled skewers of marinated & seasoned lamb chunks

Mal Al Sham Mixed Grill

$ 18.99

2 skewers of beef kabob, 1  skewer of chicken kabob & 1 skewer of chicken tikka

We are committed to serve our customers high quality meat and chicken. Our Chicken is fed only a vegetarian diet, free of antibiotics, artificial ingredients, or preservatives.

Our chicken, lamb and beef are Halal certified.

They all love our food

Mal Al Sham has been recognized for its outstanding Mediterranean cuisine, excellent service and friendly staff

Mal Al Sham

Delicious Fresh Mediterranean Lebanese – Syrian food at a beautiful ambiance

388 E Main St El Cajon, CA 92020

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